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Summer Travels & French Brocantes

Summer Travels & French Brocantes

| Julia Gibbs


This summer we were finally back to France for the first time since covid! We took a family road trip starting at Dieppe and circling round to Calais. Our route took us past Rouen, through the Loire region to Périgueux where we spent an idyllic week of relaxation, eating and kayaking before journeying on towards Clermont Ferrand, Lyon, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and Troyes, staying in some beautiful places and of course visiting some Brocantes along the way!


Here are some photos of inspiration from our travels!



Les Puces du Canal, Lyon

This place was top of our list for markets to visit and somehow by chance we realised that we would be travelling through Lyon on Sunday morning - one of the market days! Unfortunately for us it was also one of the only rainy days of our 14 days in France! So the market probably wasn't at its best.  We took some great inspirational photos and bought a small stack of books and associated ephemera (coming to the online store soon!) but otherwise, what was on offer was sadly well above our price range. Definitely well worth a visit if you are in the area, and on a sunny day I am sure there is a lot more variety and bargaining to be had.  We'll definitely be back one (preferably sunny) day to give it another go!








Chamonix - Mont - Blanc

A trek to Lac Blanc, apparently an instagram selfie hotspot! It was certainly busier than when I last visited as a child about 35 years ago (!) but none the less spectacular.



A quick visit to a brocante just outside of Chamonix





A few pieces of collected ephemera for the travel journal, this one below is 'mountain rail' and one of several images we have based on our visits to Chamonix.  Take a look in store to see the full collection.

If you have any suggestions for markets to visit in France please put in comments below..

Bonnes Vacances!






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