Recycling & Environment

Our product

At Sukie we have a history of recycling and re-using which dates back to our first product - the Rescued Paper Notebook, made from discarded papers. We also make many items using old maps, printed cloths or ephemera.

The paper inside all our notebooks is either recycled paper, or paper from sustainable sources. For example the 'Munken' paper used in our lined notebooks is manufactured in Sweden at Munkedal Paper Mill - one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world.

We have also moved away from silk screen printing, which although can give a beautiful finish, can use a lot of resources and therefore impact the environment. Instead we are now digitally printing many of our items which today provides very high quality results.  Of course, there are some products that we wish to employ more traditional printing methods and in these cases we use water based inks and linseed oils.

Plastic in cello bags

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of moving towards plant based bio degradable clear bags for packaging individual items. This has been a long process, as although this kind of potato starch based packaging has been around for years, it is not until recently that the quality has improved enough for us to confidently use this on our products.

At the moment we are running though our stock of cello bags for some items (cards and desk stationery) and these will gradually be replaced by the bio degradable bags. At the moment all our standard notebooks & travel journals are now using the new bio bags & bio stickers.

To dispose of these items, please place in compost or rubbish bins but NOT in recycling.


All our packaging and waste in the studio has been sorted and recycled by Brighton Paper Round (formally Magpie recycling) since 2001. This includes paper, card, plastic packaging & bottles. We also recycle toner and ink cartridges and batteries.

We re-use packaging where possible (so your order may arrive in a re-used box, we hope you don't mind).

When we are sent plastic packaging (which we try to avoid) we either send it straight to recycling, or if appropriate we re-use it in packaging our orders, but we are trying to phase this out by talking to our suppliers.

We use green biodegradable bubble wrap in some of our packaging.

We regularly review our packaging solutions.