Set of Portuguese Envelopes - Style 12


A set of 24 envelopes, manufactured in Portugal by the company "Pebece".

Pebece (pronounced PBC) was founded in Porto in 1923 by three directors: Polino, Bastos and Companhia and we believe these envelopes to date from between the 1930's -1950's.

The envelopes are 'Duck Egg Blue' in colour and lined with a printed tissue.  There is some slight foxing to the envelopes and its possible that the gumming is no longer effective.

Each set is secured by a printed paper band and they are absolutely delightful!

Envelope size: 14cm  x 9 cm

This is style 12 out of 23 styles we have in stock - check out the other colours and patterns we have available.

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