Mid 20th Century Work Station


A complete mini office with everything you need to make a vintage workstation. All items are original and from the 1930s to 1970s and are in good working order, contents as follows:

1. Red Italian unused accounts book with textured card cover: Width: 15cm. Height: 20.5cm. Depth: 1cm.

2. Large Bull Dog clip: Width: 8cm. Height: 7cm. Depth: 4cm.

3. Pressed Metal Storage Tin contains an assortment of drawing pins and various paper fasteners: Width: 10.5cm. Height: 4cm. Length: 10.5cm

4. Vangaurd 4A Stapler. (includes an amount of original staples): Height: 10.5cm. Length: 14cm Width: 5.5cm

5. Green Hole Punch: metal construction: Width 12cm. Height: 8cm. Depth: 8cm.

6. Wooden ‘Classic’ Ruler: British made: Length: 32cm. Width 3cm.

7. Velos Eraser. Width: 4.5cm. Height: 3cm.

8. Bill Spike with wooden base. Height: 17cm Width: 5cm

9. Scissors. Width: 6cm. Length: 17cm

10. Box of 100 small plain paper clips: 6cm. Length: 17cm

11. Lion Brand letter writing pad. 18 ruled sheets. Width: 11.5cm. Length: 18cm

12. Pink coin envelope. Width: 11cm. Height: 15cm

13. Yellow coin envelope. Width: 7.5cm. Height: 12cm

14. Venus ‘H’ unused pencil. Length: 18cm

15. Winel Box File: Card construction in good condition: Width: 26cm. Height: 38cm. Depth: 8cm.

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