1960's Desktop Office Set


A complete mini office with everything you need to make a 1960’s workstation.

All items are original and from the 1960’s in good working order:

  • 2 x Old school exercise books (unused) with 40 lined pages: Width: 16cm. Height: 13.5cm.

  • Lion Brand writing paper 18 sheets (unused). Width: 11.5cm. Height: 18cm

  • Lion Brand writing paper 34 sheets (unused). Width: 13.5cm. Height: 18cm

  • Mint green plastic box: Width: 7.5cm. Height: 5cm. Depth: 16.5cm

  • Pelikan ink rubber

  • Sellotape tin with drawing pins, paper clips and paper fasteners. Diameter: 7.2cm. Height 1.8cm

  • Large Bull Dog clip: Width: 8cm. Height: 7cm. Depth: 4cm

  • Chrome plated scissors made by Richards of Sheffield: Length: 17cm

  • Stapler made by Caribonum, Made in England: Width: 3cm. Height: 6cm. Length: 11.5cm

  • Hole punch, metal construction, made in Czechoslovakia: Width: 9.5cm. Height: 5cm. Depth: 5.5cm

  • Wooden ruler (12 inches) made by Velos, England: Length: 32cm. Width 2.8cm.

  • Cambridge Box file, card and wood construction, in great condition: Width: 25cm. Height: 37.5cm. Depth: 5.5cm

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