1940's Office Set


A complete mini office with everything you need to make a 1940’s workstation.

All items are original and from C1940 in good working order, contents as follows:

1. Stationery Office (S.O.) A to Z Indexed Notebook: Produced for the public service and government offices in the reign of George VI (G.R.). Completely unused except for 2 pages which have recipes written in them. The text at the bottom of the front cover gives the information of how many books were produced, when and whom they were produced by. Thick card cover and cloth spine binding: Width: 20cm. Height: 33cm. Depth: 1cm.

2. Large Bull Dog clip: Width: 8cm. Height: 7cm. Depth: 4cm.

3. Pressed Metal Storage Tin: Width: 10.5cm. Height: 4cm. Length: 10.5cm

4. Stapler made in France. (includes a box of 1000 staples): Height: 6cm. 17Length: cm

5. Hole Punch: metal construction: Width 10cm. Height: 6cm. Depth: 6cm.

6. Wooden ‘Classic’ Ruler: British made: Length: 32cm. Width 3.5cm.

7. Typewriter Tin: Made by Satex, now contains an assortment of drawing pins, paper clips and paper fasteners. Width: 6cm. Height: 2cm.

8. Library List Notebook: Very cute little book to keep track of all your library loans, dated 1949: Height: 11cm. Length: 7cm

9. Scissors Width: 4cm. Length: 11.5cm

10. Winel Box File: Card construction in great condition: Width: 26cm. Height: 38cm. Depth: 8cm.

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